OSSTA Talent Search Examination - 2022

Instructions to the Center Superintendents/Observers and District Secretaries of OSSTA.


  1. The District Secretary of OSSTA shall extend his Co-operation to the centre Superintendent for the smooth conduct of the examination. Utmost care shall be taken to maintain transparency accuracy & fair trust.
  2. The District Secretary shall hand over the question packet/ OMR Packet and all other relevant papers to the centre superintendent two hours before the commencement of the examination.
  3. The Observers appointed by the OSSTA shall remain present in the centre one hour before the examination and leave after the examination procedure is over.
  4. The centre superintendent will hand over the answer sheets and all other connected materials of the examination to the observer just after the examination is over and send it to OSSTA on that day, by courier service / speed post in the presence of observer.
  5. There are four (4) sets of question Booklets i.e. Set-A, Set-B, Set-C & Set-D prepared for the candidates. (The sitting arrangement should be made in such a way that the same sets of question papers shall not be given serially.)
  6. The question paper contains 100 questions :- General Knowledge-10, Odia-15, English-20, General Science-20, Mathematics - 20, Social Science - 15. These questions will be set from the entire courses of Class - VIII & the courses covered in SA-I of Class - IX.
  7. The question packet & OMR packet shall be opened by the Centre Superintendent in the presence of District Secretary / Observer & minimum two of the invigilators just before 30 minutes of the commencement of examination and question papers will be distributed among the candidates at 10.50 am. The examination will start at, 11A.M. and will over at 1 P.M
  8. The OMR Sheets will be distributed 15 minutes before the commencement of the Examination.
  9. No Candidate shall be allowed to take objectionable material (as mentioned in their admit card) to the examination hall.
  10. No Candidate shall .be allowed to enter the exam-hall after 30 minutes of the commencement of Examination
  11. Candidates without Admit Cards are not allowed to sit in the examination hall. In that case the centre Superintendent may allow such candidates if his / her name is enrolled in the D.R. after proper verification of identity.
  12. After the examination is over the Centre Superintendent shall seal all the used OMR answer papers in one packet & Descriptive Roll-cum-Attendance sheet with unused question papers and unused OMR Sheet in another packet supplied by OSSTA. The packets shall be handed over to the District Secretary obtaining an acknowledgement receipt from him.
  13. The District Secretary/ Observer shall deposit the packets received from the C.S. at OSSTA receiving Centre after obtaining an acknowledgement receipt.
  14. The Centre Superintendent/ Observer & District Secretary of OSSTA are requested to conduct the examination in positive manner, so that our endeavour shall be fruitful.


Last Date of submission of Form: 27-Jan-2023
Date of Examination: 05-Feb-2023
Opening of Question & OMR Packets 10.30 am
Distribution of OMR sheet 10.45 am
Distribution of Question Booklet 10.50 am
Examination starts 11.00 am
Examination ends 01.00 pm

It is the most important matter of responsibility is that, the District secretaries are requested to verify the no of Question Papers & OMR Sheets received in respect of the no of candidates allotted to the centre as per the D.R. provided by OSSTA. In case of any discrepancy the matter should be reported forthwith to the OSSTA over Mobile No. 9438147113.

How to Apply

Watch videos & Read Instructions carefully
  1. Get your SchoolCode from OSSTA Site. School Code is necessary for signup.
  2. Sign up
  3. Verify Email
  4. Login
  5. Create Applicants
  6. Choose Exam Center
  7. Make Payment